Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LCWRT Awards 2009 Preservation Grant

We are pleased to announce the presentation of the LCWRT 2009 Preservation Grant to the Shelby County Historical Society for the "Simpsonville Slaughter Project". This grant will enable the SCHS to finish their work commemorating the site of the Jan. 25,1865 action in which 22 troopers of the 5th United States Colored Calvary were killed and 8 wounded. The Shelby County Historical Society has already completed studies to determine the location of the mass grave, installed a bronze state highway marker and has received a grant to create a paved shoulder area on Hwy US 60. The $1000 grant from the LCWRT will be used to pay for the final phase of the project, an adjacent area for 22 MIA 'In Memory of' markers from the Veterans Adminstration and a flag polewhich will fly both the black MIA and American flags.