Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nathaniel Cheers Hughes: Sept. 12

Sept. 12, 2009:

We welcome back our good friend Nathaniel Hughes to start our 49th year. A Marine Corps veteran, he has had two careers. One has been in preparatory school work, as a teacher, coach and headmaster. He also taught graduate and undergraduate classes at the University of Memphis.
His second career has been in writing history. Nat has published twenty-three books, the first, a biography of Confederate General William J. Hardee in 1965 and his latest, ‘Yale’s Confederates’ published in 2008 by the University of Tennessee. He received his BA from Yale, and his MA and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina.

Nathaniel Hughes’ topic for Saturday night will be "Private Secretary to the President, the Life of Burton Harrison."

Opportunity to Save Money on Dinner Buffet!!

This year we are offering members a chance to save $25.00 ($50.00 for a couple) on the buffet dinners at the meetings. Here is how it works: prepay in September or October for all nine meetings, and pay $200.00 per person instead of the $225.00 it would cost if you paid individually for all 9 meals. Obviously you must be reasonably certain you will attend all nine meetings to get the savings. There will be no refunds or exceptions made once the money is paid.

Membership Renewals

It is now time to pay the annual membership fees of the Round Table. Remember any amount you give above the basic or family membership fee is tax-deductible since the Round Table has tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization. The additional funds raised through Patron memberships allow the Round Table to take a more active role in the Preservation of Civil War battlefields and sites and help pay the costs of bringing the very best Civil War speakers to our meetings.

Please send your membership renewal to: LCWRT, 1028 Sarah Drive, Louisville, KY 40219-4923

2009 Fall Field Trip: Newburg, Indiana

The free Fall Trip will be to Newburg,Indiana on Saturday, Oct. 24th to tour the Civil War sites associated with Stovepipe Johnson’s famous raid on Newburg, Indiana. The guide will be Ray Mulesky. More details to follow in the newsletter and at the meetings.

We Have a New Web Site Address
Our Round Table website has moved to Please visit and see the wealth of information about our Round Table including newsletters, history, schedules, field trips, and links to other Civil War sites of interest.

A Message From Our New President, Tom Lively

It is my privilege to serve as your president for this year. For the next nine months you can spend three hours a month learning more about one of the most interesting wars our forefathers fought. I want to encourage all of you to attend all nine meetings. Recognition will be given in the May meeting in 2010 for those members who attend all nine meetings.

I would like to encourage all of you to talk about the LCWRT with your family, friends and associates. Many of them are not aware of what we do and how easy it is to join. Before I became a member, I thought there was an academic qualification to join. Most people do not understand that all they need is an interest in learning more about the Civil War.

It is now time to pay your annual dues. In these times of economic troubles, I know we have members who are concerned about the cost of the annual dues and particularly about fitting the cost of the meals in their monthly budget. The Board of Directors has voted not to raise the cost of the dues or the meals. I would like to ask that those of you who can afford to do so, to become a patron member. It is the additional funds that the patrons provide to the LCWRT that allows us to provide the quality of speakers, programs, meals and activities that we all enjoy.

Tom Lively, President
New Officers Elected for 2009-2010

President: Tom Lively
President-elect: Art Boerner
Secretary: Holly Jenkins-Evans
Treasurer: Harriette Weatherbee
Art Boerner,Leif Bunting,John Davis,Holly Jenkins-Evans,Lowell Griffin,Doug Krawczyk,
Charlie Moore,Don Meyer,Marc Oca,Tom Lively,Harriette Weatherbee,Bryan Winslow,Joe West

September 2009 Quiz:

1.  What was Abraham Lincoln's salary during his first term as president?
2.  When Lincoln was assassinated, what was found in his wallet?
3.  In the Lincoln White House were "Bob", "Jack", and "Jib".  Who were they?
4.  What kind of legal will did Lincoln have?
5.  Lincoln was the only American president to have what?