Monday, October 27, 2008

LCWRT Fall Field Trip: The Battle of Wildcat Mountain

Part one of two parts:

Date: Oct. 26, 2008
Place - Camp Wildcat, outside London Ky
Guide: Chri Kolakowski
Hosts: Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation, Jim Cass President

After a beautiful early morning drive though Kentucky countryside to the seemingly remote location of Camp Wildcat, located not a far drive from I75, a small but devoted roup of LCWRT members met at the Laurel Home Guard Reservation, the site of CSA Gen. Felix Zollicoffer's camp. After a consult and then debriefing on the October 1861 situation in KY by our guide, the inimitable Chris Kolakwoski, the group drove up the mountain where we were joined by additional LCWRT members and Jim Cass and the hospitable folks of the Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation who had coffee and refreshments ready and waiting.

It was a grand day, the weather was perfect and Chris took us with several of our new cohorts on a fantatstic tour of the Hoosier Knob, plus the new trail of Infantry Ridge. So new the interpretive signs weren't up yet and we were the first group to take the walk. Chris filled us in on this small but important early Civil War battle, covering not only the imprtance of the first Union victory in KY, but also explaining the importance of the Wilderness Road and it's access to Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville, and even Cincinnati and beyond.

Laurel Home Guard Reservation at the foot of Wildcat Mountain

Morning Consultation

Chris Kolakowski gets us started

On the Way to Hoosier Knob

LCWRT members on the trail again

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Honor: The Story of John and William Black

The Louisville Civil War Round Table will welcome speaker Dave Hinze to our October meeting. Dave is a freelance tour guide and author focusing on the early portion of our country’s history. His company, Stars & Stripes Events, arranges tours for individuals and groups throughout the country featuring tours from the French & Indian War through Truman’s presidency. The co-author of The Battle of Carthage: Border War in Southwest Missouri,, July 5, 1861 and of additional numerous articles Dave also delivers several speeches a year to groups across the country. A retired American history teacher of 32 years Hinze no longer inflicts himself upon America’s teenagers. He remains busy at their blueberry farm and numerous other activities.

His tropic: Double Honor: The Story of John & William Black

There are only five sets of brothers to win The Congressional Medal of Honor in our Civil War. The Black brothers, from Danville, IL, are the only siblings to earn their medals west of the Mississippi River at the Battles of Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Officers in the 37th Illinois, or the Fremont Rifles, the brothers became frustrated away from the main theaters of combat yet when tested on the battlefield they were determined to lead above and beyond the call of duty. The Black’s story is an amazing chronicle of the fighting in the Trans-Mississippi featuring gritty combat leadership with their exploits painted in blood.

On The Battle of Carthage: Border War in Southwest Missouri

Fall Field Trip to Camp Wildcat Set for Sunday, October 26

The LCWRT annual Fall Field trip will be to Camp Wildcat on Sunday, October 26. Chris Kolakowski will be our guide and will lead us up Wildcat Mountain to learn about the battle that took place there October 21, 1861. We will meet at the foot of Wildcat Mountain and walk the battlefield in about 4 hours. This will be one of our more active walking tours!

2009 Field Trip: Chancellorsville April 15-19

The LCWRT Spring Trip will be to Virginia in April 2009 to study the Campaign and Battle of Chancellorsville! National Park historian Greg Mertz will be the tour guide. The dates for this trip are April 15-19 so mark your calendars now. We will be studying the entire campaign including cavalry raids, Second Fredericksburg, Salem Church, and all related Stonewall Jackson sites.