Monday, October 27, 2008

LCWRT Fall Field Trip: The Battle of Wildcat Mountain

Part one of two parts:

Date: Oct. 26, 2008
Place - Camp Wildcat, outside London Ky
Guide: Chri Kolakowski
Hosts: Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation, Jim Cass President

After a beautiful early morning drive though Kentucky countryside to the seemingly remote location of Camp Wildcat, located not a far drive from I75, a small but devoted roup of LCWRT members met at the Laurel Home Guard Reservation, the site of CSA Gen. Felix Zollicoffer's camp. After a consult and then debriefing on the October 1861 situation in KY by our guide, the inimitable Chris Kolakwoski, the group drove up the mountain where we were joined by additional LCWRT members and Jim Cass and the hospitable folks of the Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation who had coffee and refreshments ready and waiting.

It was a grand day, the weather was perfect and Chris took us with several of our new cohorts on a fantatstic tour of the Hoosier Knob, plus the new trail of Infantry Ridge. So new the interpretive signs weren't up yet and we were the first group to take the walk. Chris filled us in on this small but important early Civil War battle, covering not only the imprtance of the first Union victory in KY, but also explaining the importance of the Wilderness Road and it's access to Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville, and even Cincinnati and beyond.

Laurel Home Guard Reservation at the foot of Wildcat Mountain

Morning Consultation

Chris Kolakowski gets us started

On the Way to Hoosier Knob

LCWRT members on the trail again

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