Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life Magazine Archive of Civil War Photos

Google recently opend up the Life magazine archives of photographs, many never published in Life. It's searchable. The photos are large and good quality, and cover all variety of subjects. Portraits, landscapes,citiscapes, battle shots. Soldiers, Sailors, Workers, Officers.
Here's tiny sample:
Brig. Gen. William H. Lytle, who was killed in Civil War during Battle at Chickamauga.Location:US Date taken:1863

Soldier holding tattered flag of the Eighth PA Infantry, during Civil War.
Location:US Date taken: 1864
Mary Tippee, aka Tebe Vivandere, woman w. Collis Zouaves during Civil War, wearing medals as she poses. Location: Gettysburg, PA, US Date taken: 1863
Photographer: Charles J. Isaac G. Tyson
Head over and took a look:

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Kimberly J. Sawtelle said...

I just happened across this posting and am curious is you happen to know how widely distributed the image of the soldier holding the flag would have been in 1864? I'm researching a specific style of gravestone that depicts a similar image and I'm attempting to track the source of the gravestone pattern. Thanks.