Thursday, September 29, 2016

Part 7 of a Series: Our Civil War Ancestors
Two Brothers in the 9th KY Cavalry( CSA)

Frederick O. and James H. Rudy

left F.O. Rudy, right, J.H. Rudy, photos courtesy of LCWRT Member  Holly Jenkins-Evans

Frederick Oldham Rudy and James Henry Rudy were 2 of the 5 children of George Rudy and Susan Frances Herr of Jefferson County, KY. The children were orphaned after the deaths of their mother in 1850 and father in 1852. The three daughters went to live with one uncle while the two boys, aged 13 and 9, ended up working a farm for another uncle. Both enlisted in Co. G of the 9th KY Cavalry, CSA.

Fredrick O. Rudy, 2nd Lt. 9th Kentucky Cavalry (CSA)
Born Jefferson County, Ky. in 1839. Frederick Oldham Rudy, known as Oldham ,enlisted a private in the 9th Kentucky Cavalry, Co G in Sept. 1862 at it’s creation, and mustered out as 2nd Lt. having been promoted in the Spring of 1864. Rudy served in all its engagements and was paroled from Washington, Georgia in May of 1865. He married in 1873, and had two sons. He died at the age of 43 in Jefferson County, KY in 1882.His widow, Ella Hubbard Rudy, applied for a Confederate pension from the Kentucky State Legislature on August 22, 1912.  

James Henry Rudy, Lt. Co B 2nd Battalion KY (CSA) 
Born Jefferson Co. Ky 1843, died 1914.  At age 18 he enlisted in a 12 month unit, the 1st KY Cavalry, Co E as 4th Corporal in 1861. Rudy was promoted to 1st Sgt in 1862. He then joined Co G, 9th Cavalry Ky in as a Sergeant. In 1863 he was  promoted to 1st Lt. in Co B, 2nd Battalion (Cassell’s), 14th KY Regiment and participated in Morgan’s last Kentucky Raid. On Sept. 30,1864, at the action at Duvault’s Ford, near Carter’s Station, Tennessee, he lost his leg due to a carbine shell severing the femoral artery, ending in an amputation. Rudy married in 1866 in Louisville, then moved out to western Ky. He served five terms in the Kentucky State legislature from Owensboro, had 8 children and is buried in Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, KY.

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