Thursday, November 17, 2016

Amercian Civil War: Battlefields
Old South Mountain Inn
Turner’s Gap 
Boonsboro, Maryland

The Old South Mountain Inn is located on the south side of the Old National Pike (Alt.US 40) as it passes over South Mountain at Turner’s Gap.  Historically known as the Mountain House, it was impacted by the Battle of South Mountain which occurred on September 14, 1862.  The inn was Confederate General D.H. Hill’s headquarters during the battle.  It was also the command center for the action that took place at Turner’s and Fox’s Gap as rebels tried to hold the passes over South Mountain.  The Old National Pike, which passes in front of the inn, was of great importance to both armies because it provided access to one of the few crossings through the mountains.  The superior quality of its surface could handle large numbers of men, horses, artillery, and supply trains.  Turner’s Gap was the main objective for the Union Army as it attempted to follow the Rebels into the Hagerstown Valley to capture a divided Confederate Army.

Photo and text courtesy of LCWRT Member Charlie Moore

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