Monday, December 19, 2016

American Civil War Monuments
Vicksburg National Military Park 
Illinois State Monument
Dedicated on October 26, 1906

Photo Courtesy of LCWRT Member Paul Fridell

Some states put up monuments to each regiment at a place on the field that was important to that unit.  Some put up small state monuments and regimental monuments both. With thousands of troops at Vicksburg, Illinois erected  a massive state monument, possibly the largest in the Western theatre, and  certainly in a league with the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg in the East. At 62 feet in height, it is a commanding structure, designed in the Roman style with 47 steps to commemorate the 47 day siege of Vicksburg.

The interior is covered with bronze plaques that list every Illinois soldier at Vicksburg, all 36,325  of them, including, as the park guides will tell you, Albert Cashier. It's an interesting story - look him up. In addition, the names of generals and officers serving from Illinois are carved in the marble of the rotunda.
Even the floor is impressive. 

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