Thursday, February 2, 2017

American Civil War Monuments
Battle of Ivy Mountain Monument
U.S. 23
Ivel, Kentucky
Photo and text courtesy of LCWRT Member Charlie Moore
The Battle of Ivy Mountain took place in far eastern Kentucky along the banks of the Big Sandy River on Nov. 8, 1861. The front of the monument reads:
“Here on Nov. 8, 1861, 300 men from companies A&C, 5th Kentucky Infantry C.S.A and companies B.C, & D, 1st Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles, C.S.A., commanded by Captain Andrew J. May fought a delaying action against four Federal Regiments, the 2nd Ohio Infantry, the 21st Ohio Infantry, the 59th Ohio Infantry, the 16th Kentucky Infantry and a section of Battery D, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, commanded by General William Bull Nelson.”  
The reverse side reads: 
“Mustered into service just two weeks earlier and armed only with shotguns and squirrel rifles, May’s Confederate mountaineers were outnumbered eight to one.  Nevertheless, they detained Nelson’s progress long enough to vacate Piketon (Pikeville) and move the main body of Confederate troops to Pound Gap. Union losses were eight killed and twenty-four wounded.  Confederate losses were ten killed and fifteen wounded.”  The monument was dedicated on Nov.10, 2001.  

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