Monday, February 19, 2018

American Civil War Monuments
Kentucky Memorialization at Vicksburg
Vicksburg National Military Park
Vicksburg, Mississippi

 Photos and text courtesy of LCWRT Member Charlie Moore

The Kentucky Memorial was dedicated October 20, 2001, and features bronze statues of United States President Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis who were both native Kentuckians.  The memorial symbolizes the division within Kentucky during the Civil War as well as the reunification of the state and country afterward.  After Kentucky erected this state monument, the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Kentucky decided they needed to erect a monument to only the Confederate forces from the state who served at Vicksburg.  It was dedicated May 8, 2010.


The Lincoln/Davis Statue was done by Gary Casteel who also did the Longstreet equestrian statue at Gettysburg, which may be seen on the October 25, 2016 blog.

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